Post by C.M.

At a catch-up last week my friend told a very sad story. She declared that an acquaintance of hers had been pleased as punch with the purchase of a pair of maroon coloured skinny jeans, so pleased that she planned her outfit for the very next day around them. In the morning she set off with a spring in her step, admiring herself in the reflection of the Luas as it pulled into the stop before happily taking a spot on board. Absently listening to a morning radio show she started to pay more attention when the topic arose of what items of clothing turns men off the most. Can you guess what was number one on the list? Yes; maroon pants.

fur, burgundy pants, zara boots
Crouching in pensive sadness
“Why you no like my maroon pants?”

We were aghast! Why on Earth were they deemed so offensive to the menfolk?  We all agreed that there was no obvious reason, that the pants in question can be a very handy addition to a wardrobe. Why, one of our party was even sporting her pair that very night, and exceedingly chicly too!

The only problem we could see was that, in this county of ours, we’d be mistaken for overzealous Galway GAA supporters if we paired said trousers with a white top. I myself have had a brush with mistaken-sporting-identity when wearing my pair with a blue shirt and having it pointed out that I was wearing the West Ham colours.

Just like this.

Unlike Katy Perry I wasn’t dressing up to please my man, I just like the colour combination, and have continued to wear it.

The maroon-pants-conundrum conversation lost all traction when we decided, a few glasses of wine later, that it didn’t matter if the male of the species hated our maroon pants, our fully made-up faces, our Ugg* boots. Shouldn’t they all be attracted to our winning personalities and sparkling conversational skills anyway?

It used to be said that “Men seldom make passes and girls who wear glasses”, leading, I’m sure to a generation of women plagued with premature crows feet from all the squinting. Thanks shallow patriarchy. And Dorothy Parker.

But she also said “Now I know the things I know, and I do the things I do; and if you do not like me so, to hell, my love, with you!” So she’s cool.

Wear what you want, women and men both, if it makes you happy (and allows you to see clearly)! But while we’re on the subject… Guys! Shiny sensible shoes and boot-cut jeans is not a good look. Ever.

Man in a jacket and dark blue jeans crossed his hands on a breast

There’s an expansive area of discussion within the topic of fashion and personal style; there is a whole lot to be said about what you choose to garb yourself in. Uniforms, religious or cultural statements, costumes, the issue of ‘slut shaming’… These, I hope, will be touched upon in future posts. But until then be confident in your own pants, maroon or otherwise!

*Not a fan of the Ugg look myself, but you go ahead and wear yours with pride. Girl Power!

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