Lunching Ladies

Post by CM

When this Country Mouse’s ears prick up and her whiskers’ twitch at the hear tell of a free (well, kindly gifted) lunch, she’s always ready to drop her Emmental and scurry up to Town for the occasion. Which is what I did last Friday, to join TM and our father’s lovely partner Mary in Fire Restaurant, Dublin for the Mothers & Daughters lunch in aid of the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

CM, Mary, TM

The lunch is indeed a fancy affair, with champagne flowing, well-known faces floating around, a truly delicious meal, spot and raffle prizes galore, but more than anything it is a fund-raising exercise, and to raise awareness about the work the ICI does. This year the main topic on discussion was the hugely disturbing issue of sex trafficking and how to end the practice. The speakers, who talked between courses, were founder Sr. Stan, Mary Harney and author, mother and prostitution survivor Rachel Moran. For any more information on the important work the Council does, please click on the link.

Sr. Stan, Chief Executive of the ICI Denise Charlton, Rachel Moran and Mary Harney

Photo Courtesy of ICI website

Overseeing the Proceedings

We somehow managed to end up on Table 1 and so had a great view of the rest of the restaurant, then shed a tear at the inspiring speakers and indulge in all the wine our excellent and attentive waitress could pour. It was a truly lovely afternoon and has certainly provoked me to take a more active interest into the lives, struggles and triumphs both, of our new neighbours arrived from countries near and far.

But so to the finery!

An expert Mary photobomb
A cheerful rainbow of colours from these Mother/Daughter pairs
Fired Up
Cecelia Ahern, her mother Miriam Kelly, Nora Casey and Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh from off d’telly
Mary! Looking glamorous and luminous as always!
TM! Looking leggy and lovely in an A-Wear dress!
CM! Channelling country bumpkin chic in those too-long pants – I always imagine/delude myself that I’m two inches taller than I am.

Once again, that link, which will enlighten you on the work of the Immigrant Council of Ireland and any upcoming events you’d be certain to enjoy as much as we did the Mothers & Daughters lunch!:


  1. maryalacoque

    Perfect resumé of the occasion CM. You captured the mood perfectly. Wonderful photographs.
    Great to spread the word about what the ICI is doing especially the project Turn off the Red Light. Let’s all do it …

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