Emmy 2013 Style Winners

Post by T.M.

Despite what the weather is trying to tell us, it is autumn and time for proper TV scheduling. Hurrah! I am most looking forward to the comedies, Modern Family, New Girl, Parks and Recreation etc but can always find some time for a little British drama (roll on Sunday evenings with Poirot!) This Sunday night saw the return of Downton Abbey, a show I watch religiously but don’t actually like all that much. The characters are unlikeable, the script is pretty poor, it’s full of historical inaccuracy and the plot reads like a quaint and chaste soap opera. That is probably the reason why Americans like it so much (hell, that’s why I watch it!) and that explains why it has been bestowed with so many award nominations.

Lady Mary and her daddy Lord Grantham – Robert to you and me – made the arduous journey across the pond this weekend to see if the American cousins would lend them some money to keep the estate running smoothly or at least give them some gold – in the form of an Emmy statuette. For the Emmy Awards were also on Sunday night and alongside their distinguished English guests, the stars of the small screen were out in force – but did they give us the old razzle dazzle? Welll, let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t stay up for the Red Carpet as I usually do for these sort of affairs. All in all it was a fairly dull spectacle. There were some nice frocks and some truly hideous but few amazing standouts and mostly bland, failsafe numbers. A pity.

Downton Abbey was the one to watch for sartorial inspiration (oh yeah, here is my excuse, that is why I really watch it). The family and servants have entered the roaring twenties and luckily it shows. I don’t care about the men’s outfits – there, I’ve said it – but the ladies of the house, divine. Divine! Loose hair and dresses (and morals, I’m looking at you Edith!) every outfit was perfection, even ‘poor Mary’s’ mourning-wear. A particular highlight was Edith’s green dress that she wore to dinner in London, complete with backwards necklace. I believe it rivals Keira Knightly’s gorgeous green creation from Atonement – now that’s saying something.

Sadly, there are no pics of Sunday nights episode to discuss so I must not further digress. To the Emmys!

photo dailymail.co.uk

Helen McCrory (pictured with husband, Homeland actor Damien Lewis) was one of the good ‘uns and boy does she know it. Look at that cheeky smirk! I would be wearing one too if I was her to be honest. The colour of her guna is just right, the shape, split and structure are highly flattering and I can’t believe I do, but I LIKE the neck! It is a good look for a fit and healthy forty something (although I think that someone in their 20s and 30s could wear it well too). I LOVE pockets in dresses and this one fits in nicely. Gorgeous gold clutch adds the finishing touch.

photo huffingtonpost.com

Just like with Helen’s high collar, I surprised myself by liking this dress. In the past I’ve been put off by this type of satiny material and I haven’t been a fan of structure – until now. The colour and shape are perfect for Jane Krakowski and her accessories are to-die-for, especially those turquoise earrings. The 30 Rock actress looks so young and fresh, too (love her hair) but the funny thing is, I don’t think someone younger than her could pull it off! Do you?

photo http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/

Talking about structure – take a long hard look at this. Wow wow wee wow wow! Last year, I might have hated this. But Linda Cardelleni was for me this year the biggest success. Her lovely natural hair, nicely simple accessories (no necklace!) she let her plum-hued dress speak entirely for itself. If any of you recognise Linda from Mad Men (or only recognise her now I’ve just said it) you will probably agree that she scrubs up quite nicely out of her frumpy 60s housewife attire.

Kate Mara
photo style.mtv.com

There is something about white this season. Kate Mara is in the running to take over Chloe Segivny’s cool-girl-on-the-carpet crown, even dare I say it, out-taking her sister ‘Rooney’ (whose real name is Patricia in case you were wondering why she  appears to have been named after a pub). Her severe-ish hairstyle is totally right for the look. Imagine it with long, cascading curls? Eurgh. Nice work, Kate/Kate’s stylist!

photo http://www.eonline.com

Gasp! There is only one person who could ever get away with a pink, mid-riff bearing ensemble without looking like a MC*  that person is the mighty Rose Byrne. It seems that minimal jewellery was the approach du jour and it works so well for Rose. She is clearly letting her angelically beautiful (bitch) face or her enviably toned midsection (bitch) do all the talking. Wouldn’t you? Applause! *Miley Cyrus

photo http://www.washingtonpost.com

I have to mention Little Sally Draper. She is dressed appropriately for her age, it’s a cute dress anyway, and the shoe choice is absolutely spot on. Her pony-tail looks easy and breezy, Kiernan Shipka is on her way to becoming a Cover GIrl!

Honorable mentions go to Zooey Deschanel, who I was glad to see was not wearing a prom-style dress for once and she stayed away from black tights, thanks God, Claire Danes who gets the gong for best faux hair style, Julianna Margulies and (surprise!) Christina Hendricks.

Worst dressed, out of many, for me were Emilia Clark who looked TINY (that’s not the bad thing). Her dress looked like it was a school project disaster. Papier Maché that had not yet dried properly. Even though CM disagrees, I thought Jessica Paré looked an absolute fright. The colour was wrong for her and her dress was a prime example of when structure goes wrong.

I might have been a little hard on this year’s Emmy style efforts, they weren’t as bad as I may have initially thought. I can’t help feeling that stylists are ruining the fun though. They are putting together outfits that, well, match etc but it seems as though no one is brave enough to do a Cher anymore. Or maybe celebs these days are just as bland as the shades of dress they are put into?

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