Falling into Autumn

Post by C.M.

The heat is on! Literally; it’s getting coooooold. Fashion Week Month is underway, the kids are back at school and those sunny days we relished in the not too distant past are, all the same, but a distant memory. But it’s all good, as happily it means that lovely, leafy, Halloweeny Autumn is here and it is time to dip our toes into the trends of A/W13. Huzzah!

I had the misfortune of checking my bank balance a day or two ago, and the shocking truth it unveiled put a stop to my dreams of shopping for nice new things. So I turned to Narnia once again (aka the back of my wardrobe) to see if there was anything there that would work. Here’s the result, and a run-down of some of the key trends to look out for.

The Lady

Kaiser Karl was curiously quiet…

Imagine for a minute that my mid-length full skirt isn’t crumpled as a used tissue. I remembered too late that ironing is a skill I haven’t yet mastered after delightedly pulling this old thing out retirement. But close your eyes, picture it as it should be and hold on to that image. Now, isn’t it nice! Paired with a silky top with lace trim ( a nod to Marc Jacobs’ outerwear as underwear collection), a pair of demure heels and a fluffy dog you’ll be emulating this season’s Lady in no time!

Lady 2
… and he downright refused to go walkies.

Luckily the Lady look translates to outerwear as well, all the better to avoid further ironing mishaps. The coat was my Nana’s and has held up remarkably well through the years, despite now being in my care!


Opulence 1
Blending in is hard to do. Embrace the Excess.

I bought these trousers in China a few years ago and thought I’d never, ever wear them again. However, with the Opulence theme showing no sign of abaiting they might finally get an outing or two, if I’m feeling brave. Your printed pants will need a lot of busy jewelry and colours to balance them out. Perfect for Christmas; you’ll look just like a merry, sparkly bauble!

Opulence 2
Berry Good. Bacca Buono.

We’re not all mad round here though, and you can still be Opulent without going too overboard. This lace dress was a gift from two years ago, but it looks really like those in D&G’s A/W campaign. The berry colour is right on trend, and my trusty leopard print shoes and the jewelry dripping from my ears and neck completes the haughty Italian signora look.


Puritan 1
How do you solve a problem like Country Mouse?

In opposition to the excess of Opulence is a prim, Puritan look. Think naieve young postulant meets minimalist New York gallery owner and you’ve got it. This is another full skirt I found, in navy which is also a big hitter this year, and much more flattering than black on pasty skin like mine. The necklace was a gift, it’s twistable and can be moulded into all sorts of shapes. I decided to go a bit abstract to add some interest to the otherwise somewhat bland outfit.

Puritan 2
Pants and a hat! Scandalous!

Just add a hat and a pair of pants and you’ve transformed into the elegant 1930s tomboy Armani was championing.


90s 1
Arrgh, my life is the worst

The punk meets grunge meets angsty 90s teenager is being embraced by so many, and it’s the one that most fashion magazines are focusing on. The skirt was a hand-me-down from a friend, does the whole button-down tartan thing and works in the pink trend too! The top is loose and unflattering (just like most of my original clothes from the 90s) but has a zip up the back I liked.

90s 2
This run down shed is just the place to write my deep, dark poetry and listen to Nirvana on my walkman
90s 3

As always, there are trends you should embrace and others to avoid. The trick is to pick which ones you like and that suit you and add your own personality to them.

This Thursday I’ll be reviewing NY S/S14, so if you’re disappointed with Autumn’s offerings you can get excited by looking forward to what you’ll be wearing next year!

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