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Post by T.M.

An annoying thing happened on the way to this post…

I know that many readers today are expecting Electric Picnic street style but alas, my camera is acting up something awful. I will have the problem fixed tomorrow (after a trip to the camera doctor) so you can peruse what I thought was the best style of the weekend on Thursday.

For those of you who were not expecting EP street style for this issue, make sure to return for the next post. You won’t be disappointed!

For now, let’s take a look at what CM and I both though was the best style of the Venice Film Festival.

First up is someone who could not possibly have been left out – my close personal friend (in my dreams) Diane Kruger. This is a real love or hate dress (I have a certain friend who I know will be shuddering at the texture of this dress. There is oh so so so much VELVET!) I love it. The colour is great and it looks cosy. I am a velvet fan anyway, especially for the winter months. I have a dress that I bought in Dunnes the last time the material was in that I resurrected last year and will be wearing again when the weather gets cooler.

Pic courtesy of the Mail Online
Pic courtesy of the Mail Online

Next up is Sandra Bullock. Look how young and fresh and sexy and colourful she looks! It’s impossible to fault this outfit. The dress just totally suits her and it is a welcome departure from her usual quite bland red-carpet wear (sorry Sandy!). Block colour is going nowhere. Wear it this autumn for an unexpected colour pop against the usual muted autumnal colours.

Pic courtesy of hotpinklist.wordpress.com
Pic courtesy of hotpinklist.wordpress.com

Last we have Michelle Dockery and Frieda Pinto, two gals who have perfected their own versions of day-time chic. Very different they are, with Michelle opting for darkness and white legs (applause please – go Michelle!) and Frieda choosing a lovely shade of pink that complements her gorgeous skin tone. Loving the shirt (or shirt effect) underneath it as well. Two different looks that work equally well for both ladies.

Pic courtesy of Elleuk.com
Pic courtesy of Elleuk.com

Be sure to return on Thursday to see the street style from Electric Picnic and read my account of the weekend from a performers point of view (yes, you did read that properly, performer, that’s sure to have tickled your fancy!) Until then.

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