Hipster Hipster Shake

Post by T.M.
There has been an awful lot of hipster bashing since, well, people started wearing mismatched clothes ironically and riding fixie bikes. Finally (some would say) the Sunday Times Style has pronounced the hipster dead. And if they say it it must be true. The cause of their demise? You can buy the kind of stuff they like in Penneys.
I have mentioned before that I’ve been accused of being a hipster all because I occasionally wear huge Deirdre Barlow style glasses. But do I throw them away for fear of appearing pretentious? No! All the better to see with, my dear.
Irish Fashion Blog Town Mouse Country Mouse Ireland hipster
I’m wearing those Gangnam Style socks right now. Ironically.  
The truth is hipster accessories may be horrifyingly ‘trendy’ but they are also useful and practical and in my humble opinion some of them should be considered style staples in the vein of the trench coat or the little black dress.
Take, for instance, the bum-bag aka the (snigger) fanny-pack. What better way to carry your precious belongings without having to worry about the distracting swinging pendulum effect a handbag has or the monkey on back feeling of a school-bag. Bum-bags are designed to be tourist-friendly which is a bonus for anyone as it means they are pretty much thief-proof. They don’t only come in synthetic material any more either; you can get quite a fetching version in leather.
Er…like this one 
I bet you didn’t know that those brogues you are probably wearing originated on the feet of hipsters (ok that’s not necessarily true but hipsters did introduce their revival.) Brogues are the most practical, comfortable, versatile shoes EVER. If you are not actually wearing a pair right now you should be.
Well, if they’re good enough for Ms. Hepburn…

Do you own something that plays music like an MP3 player of some sort or a smart phone? Of course you do and you use it every day (probably). Chances are you use those puny ear-buds that are really uncomfortable and tend to fall out of one ear when running across the road as the light starts to turn red. Well you should be using oversized headphones like the hipsters’ do (or used to do now that the movement is defunct). Noise cancelling, secure, comfortable and doubtlessly too awkward or ugly to steal, they really are the obvious choice.

Live Forever
It’s exhausting not wearing something because you are afraid that people will judge you or tar you with some sort of scarlet coloured brush or whatever. I wear my big glasses because they help me see, better actually, than my other ‘work’ glasses, and my contact lenses, as the magnifying glass covers half my face.
I am going to continue wearing my brogues and I may possibly don a bum-bag at Electric Picnic this weekend (…). There is, however, something I have to draw to your attention. Would any self respecting person wear a t-shirt from Penneys that actually has the word ‘Hipster’ emblazoned across it? They exist.

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