Skirting the Issue

Post by T.M

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! The date is of course, August 20th, the occasion, er…it’s Tuesday and this post should have been published hours ago. I won’t go into too many details (I was on holiday!) but I will tell you that over the past few days I have seen a lot of photos of Irish weddings and well, they were inspirational!

Before you get the wrong idea I am NOT getting married (any time soon). The inspiration came from the brides’ skirts. The dates of the photographs ranged from the 1950s till 2003 and they could have come from this year’s Vogue September edition, for this A/W season it’s all about skirts. The skirts of this season are coming in all shapes and forms, just like the loverely ladies who will be wearing them.

Those who know me will already be aware that I am a fan of the mini. I was that girl with the rolled-up school skirt, I was the  one who wore tops as dresses, I was that little hussy who wore a long skirt over a short skirt, before shedding it before going to discos as a teen. I still just can’t resist getting my pins out when the occasion calls for it, and luckily I have plenty of choice this autumn.

Moschino Cheap & Chic
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Right up my alley!

For those of you who prefer to keep their legs under wraps, there are long, flowing specimens like this opulent number from Givenchy pictured below, that the high streets are sure to be releasing copies of when the weather gets colder.

Pic courtesy of

I love this look actually, with the big, chunky knit over an elegant bottom half, and will be sporting something similar (but maybe with a short skirt version – long skirts and short legs do not generally a good match make).

Check out this full skirt from Rochas; the Mad Men effect has not diminished it seems. Skirts like these remind me of the summer camp dance Susan and Sharon go to in the original Parent Trap, except these are the winter version, obviously! This is the look I believe will give stylish señoritas the most cause for creativity.

Courtesy of

Rochas is also willing us to hark back to the 1940s and I think I am going to follow their lead. The skirt seen here is so versatile and flattering to any figure, and I cannot help but fawn over the coat. Oh the coat! This is such a perfect autumnal outfit.

Pic courtesy of

Just to mention, Stella McCartney has gone in a completely different direction. Her skirts are a little freer than pencil but narrow all the same and very minimalistic.

On the Stella McCartney note, there’s some good news for the ethically conscious. If you have already bought a mid-length skirt for the S/S season don’t fold it away just yet, they are still big news and can be recycled again for the coming season. Just match with big jumper!

So let’s take a collective breath and remember that long, short, midi, pencil or full there is a hemline this coming season to suit us all. Hurrah!

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