The Inbetweeners

It’s that time of year again, when you’re as likely to see someone dressed in shorts, t-shirt and ballet flats as you are another in jacket and boots. Why, just this weekend TM and I embodied that image, and both of us were as comfortable as the other in our respective get ups!


This Monday evening will be fresh in everyone’s memories (at least everyone here in Galway) as being steeped in wintery darkness, with rain as heavy as a Judas Priest concert; streets turned into streams, puddles into ponds and shoes into sponges. Emerging into sunshine and warmth this evening was a vast departure from the dismal dampness of earlier on, but not all that surprising. It’s as useful these days to carry a pair of sunnies as it is an umbrella. For we are entering The Inbetween.

The Inbetween occurs a few times a year in Ireland, but most notably between Winter/Spring/Summer and Summer/Autumn/Winter. It’s what designers create their pre and resort collections for – not that that’s a lot of use for we ordinary folk on the grubby old street.

So how does one navigate the Inbetween scene? Will it be drizzly and cool, ruining your makeup? Will long-sleeved t-shirts give way to dreaded sweat patches in a last ditch attempt by the sun to raise its temperatures? Will your feet be freezing in flip-flops or slippery in brogues? It’s a tough time for us all!


Miriam got it down to a t in her woolen sweater, light skirt and biker boots. A really good daytime look, the top can always be taken off to reveal a lightweight t-shirt, and legs can be encased in a pair of opaques. A really cute trend is taking off, in pairing down-to-earth daywear with flashy costume jewelry – wouldn’t Miriam’s Aran jumper look really great with a pair of dark denim skinnies, high-heeled boots and a huge diamond-look necklace?


For evening, a sensible pick in my view is a dress not unlike the one Miriam sports here, with lace-look detail and long sleeves. I like how she mixed dark, autumnal colours with a pair of sandals, keeping the look summery but also nodding towards the coming months. When they roll round, a pair of thick tights could be worn with the sandals, and a coat or cape thrown over the dress.

The grunge trend is also a really good one for inbetweening, with all those layers and angst. Plus, when you get caught in a downpour and your hair becomes a mangled mess, it’ll look like you did it on purpose!

This post was updated on 16.04.18

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