Hello Old Friend

Post by TM

* You may have noticed that TMCM did not have their usual Monday post up this week. The reason for the absence is that this Monday was a bank holiday in Ireland and we were too busy catching up with friends and family and doing the other things people usually do on such long weekends (like forgetting about commitments and responsibilities). So for this week only our posts will appear on Tuesday and Thursday. Back to normal next week! * 


As I said, last weekend was the August Bank Holiday. I spent it at home in The West with CM and other family members. It had been absolutely ages since I had been back on home turf and I was really happy to be there. And the weather was nice!

A highlight of the mini-break was our mid-year friends reunion in our local. Even though it’s quite unusual now to meet more than one or two friends when in the native land, what with emigration, babies and all the other things that come with growing up, CM and I managed to meet not one or two but three of our gorgeous, stylish friends.

TMCM Ireland going out clothes
TM and CM Unite! CM (right) was inspired by Gwen Stefani in the ‘Cool’ video. I just wanted to wear black with gold shoes.

I love these reunions and I always look forward to seeing what our friends wear. Everyone in our circle has interesting, individual tastes and lives and their style reflects that. One friend (dressed what I can only describe as a modern, feminine and über-tasteful Rosie the Riveter style outfit – without the headscarf or clunky boots of course.She is not, by the way, any sort of welder) drew my attention to an A/W 2013 trend that I was very pleased to hear about – floral patterns on a black base.

And why was I so pleased? I just so happen to have two skirts that fit the bill that were stuffed in a storage box under my childhood bed, one mid-length I got in Penneys about three years ago and have worn twice and another short, flippy skirt I bought abroad – and am wearing today!

Now let me tell you another reason why I love visiting my family home from time to time. I always come back with old stuff from my ‘home’ wardrobe (or from CM’s…) to reuse. This is why I never – ok rarely – throw things out. It’s such a simple pleasure to re-wear your ‘mature’ things or use your long-ago bought accessories and jewellery. Like welcoming back an old, faithful friend.

courtesy of http://www.fabsugar.com

On the journey back to Dublin, to pass the time I flipped through the many street style galleries I have on my phone. To my surprise I noticed that several of the items of clothes I left behind in storage that I perused before leaving would actually be perfect additions to my autumn wardrobe. Luckily for me CM is coming to visit this weekend. I’m sending her a list of my requests tomorrow.

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