Crazy Bootiful

Post by T.M.

I have an itch that I just can’t scratch. It is all down to a mistake I made a year ago, when I wasn’t as sensible or mature as I am now. I was moving house and, going against my nature, I had to be ruthless about the things I kept or got rid of so I threw away a pair of boots. Wrong move. The soles were detaching themselves from the rest of them but that was their only crime and they could have been pardoned with a simple slick of glue.

It’s a curious feeling of regret that comes with throwing away items of clothing that you think you have no more use for, or will never wear again and then realizing that the opposite is true. It’s happened to me before and I should have learnt my lesson. Guess what my gut feeling told me that day? That I could buy a replacement pair! Oh ho ho ha ha ha! As if.

Sad Puss Without Boots

I am a big boots enthusiast. I have loads of pairs of different varieties to suit a whole range of outfits. The ones that got away were workman style and, until I threw them in the recycling bin with the casual nonchalance of that I imagine Hannibal Lector would act after finishing off his victim, they were the footwear I donned most frequently. Why that didn’t stop me from cruelly dumping them like an asshole boyfriend I’ll never know.

I used to pair them with short dresses and the skinniest of jeans, not to ‘toughen them up’ as the point of them was when boots of that type were all the rage (according to stylists at least), but rather to feminize my outfit. Juxtaposition was well at play.

Like what she did!

This tactic is still en vogue and for good reason. Workman and biker style boots are comfortable. They can instantly transform an outfit from prim or dowdy or ordinary to cool – provided you have the attitude to pull it off. They look good on men too but styling in their cases must be carefully considered. (Oh! Looks like a follow up post is imminent! Watch this space               ).

They were so versatile; I wore them to gigs, on hikes, on nights out, to work, even to the beach and they never looked out of place. My Dad was so pleased that I was finally wearing sensible shoes!

Last week I found a pair that could have been an adequate replacement in a shop on Henry Street that was closing down. I didn’t snap them up because at €18 they were too expensive for my budget (yes, I did say €18, we are in a recession) but this week every outfit I wore would have looked so much better with them. Of course when I went to buy them on Tuesday the shop was boarded up.  I really think I have to start being less sensible and mature.

Those boots were made for walking and that’s not what they’ll do because I didn’t buy them.

P.S. I saw my bestie Diane Kruger wearing the most perfect pair yesterday, she was in the neighbourhood you know scooting around with Josh (only joking I was stalking her online!). If anyone knows the boots I’m talking about and where I can buy a similar pair do a girl a favour and drop me a line!

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