In Plain Sight

Post by T.M.

I do find it funny that the title of this post seems to relate directly to C.M’s last post (the sight part) – but the focus of this post is on the middle word. PLAIN.

While some people think plain is boring, I think Carte Blanche. Those who know me (or are getting to know me through this blog) are aware that I’m not really one for patterns. Or colour. Or fun of any sort ( not really I’m heaps of fun (!) ) but while I am not saying I’m unadventurous in my style choices I’m not overly gung ho when it comes to embracing colour and print.

In contrast, those who know CM are well aware that she is the Queen of Mixed Patterns. CM was combining patterns before Solange was doing it, before Vogue promoted it, before it was deemed cool. CM was patterning it up before digital cameras were invented. And I’m glad she still is because that is one of the ways for people to tell us apart.

Anyway, the point of this post is to promote the power of plain. I find that ‘model uniform’ of jeans and simple top so appealing, it’s stripped back but also chic. I see these simple pieces as being the foundation of an outfit. I have transformed my jeans and black top combo umpteen times by wearing different pieces of jewellery, scarves and shoes and using different bags. I bought the navy dress you see me in in Carousel, a lovely independent clothing and accessories shop on Exchequer Street. I love it’s simplicity and I love that it’s sunny and warm and so I get to wear it! It’s the perfect dress to take me from day to night.

Mir Plain JeansMir Dressed JeansMir Plain DressMir Dressed Dress

While I have been branching out – my new ‘interview outfit’ is a red dress with tropical patterns and you may remember my green dress from my last post (which is decidedly plain BUT it’s green) – I still wholeheartedly appreciate the merits of plainness.

While writing this post I remembered that a few years ago several magazine columnists did features on only being able to choose from a selection of eight or so items of clothes to wear for a month. The lucky catch was that there was no restriction on shoes or accessories. A month is a pretty long time to only have eight items to work with but it was amazing what looks they came up with just by adding a broach here or a hat there.

Despite my enthusiasm for the simple clothes in life I am certainly one of those people who frequently laments that I have ‘nothing to wear’. That is why my accessories wardrobe is as stuffed as the one for my clothes.

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