A ‘Quest’ion of Style

Post by T.M.

Oh my God, it’s sunny! And I am having a clothing dilemma. ‘Proper summer weather’ is as rare in Ireland as a shirt is on Matthew McConaughey and for this reason it is quite difficult to decide what to wear when it actually arrives. There is an old Irish tradition of simply shedding off the layers as soon as the sun shines  but even though you would think that minimal amounts of clothing means minimal effort it can also lead to a confusing time for those of us who want to wear shorts and t-shirts but are worried that we might get ice-cream on our tops or that it will get cold at night. And of course one must not forfeit their style just because of a sudden change in temperature. So, what to do?

Summer in LA
Summer in Ireland
I usually turn to ‘live’ street style for inspiration in times of sartorial crisis. This Saturday in Dublin, I found the most perfect place to people-watch; a seat outside The Port House on South William St (where I got a nice glass of wine for only €5 – a bargain in the city centre). A great variety of style went by and not a bare-chested male (or female) was in sight, thank God.
It got me thinking about the channels available for sartorial inspiration. I love people watching and always take note when I spot something worth emulating. There are magazines, of course, and film and TV too. But have you ever been inspired by something a little less…obvious?
Well of course I have! Early items of obsession for me were Doc Martins. I desperately needed a pair of 18 hole black Doc Martins. My inspiration? A book, Rosie’s Quest. Rosie’s Quest was really popular among Irish girls of the 1990s ; it came out when I was around twelve years old. It’s great. The title character has an accident and finds herself back in time, in 1950s Ireland, assuming the role of her mother’s long lost twin-sister. But enough about the plot, Rosie’s prize for waking up from her coma was, you guessed it, a pair of 18 hold black Doc Martens just like the ones her idol Sinead O’Connor wore. My shoes for sixth class were a pair of 12 holes (they didn’t sell any higher in my town) and I wore them every day not just because they wore my school shoes, because I loved them.
They really matched the brown
Funnily, they were the last pair of sensible shoes I wore for quite some time. Secondary School in my time was no place for wearing shoes that didn’t have a gigantic heel. Another funny thing, I really want a pair of Docs again. I would have happily worn my old pair if some spring-cleaner hadn’t thrown them away without my permission. Now I am not encouraging hoarding but, it is true, wait long enough and something is bound to come back into fashion. Maybe I should look back over more of my old school pics. It may just be that they could be another unusual source of style inspiration…
Definitely cool again

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