A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Post by T.M.

On Saturday night I went out in Dublin and wore a sparkly gold top, gold shoes and tiny red hot-pants. No, I wasn’t at a Eurovision (or Eurotrash) party – I wasn’t at any fancy dress party at all – I just decided to wear that ensemble on a whim.

OK, that’s a total lie.

I am a member of a choir ‘The Soulful’ and we and our sister choir ‘The Line Up’ were invited to sing as part a well-known gay institution’s DJ set in Meeting House Square for Gay Pride night (off the back our performance with them at Body & Soul). Mother requested that we wear bright, funky clothes and we also had to adhere to the choirs’ colours – red, blue, gold, silver (and usually black but not for Gay Pride!)

Photo: Round two at Body & Soul!

The Soulful/Line Up at Body & Soul – we like sparkles

I could have changed but I thought to myself, if I can’t wear red hot pants out tonight, when ever can I? I was not letting the €10 I spent in H&M go to waste. I can’t say I got any shocked looks or anything, people wear those kinds of clothes out every weekend, it was just a change for me.

It stimulated another thought: why can’t I wear what I feel like out once in a while just because I want to? The answer, as any rational person would tell me is, I certainly can. The thing is, it’s nice to have an excuse. The Mad Hatter took out his craziest most offensive hat (probably) whenever he threw an Un-Birthday Party and I bet he felt all the more special for it.

Dressing for an un-birthday situation is not the same as assembling an outfit for a fancy dress party. I would never have a hen (bachelorette) party for instance, the type with sashes and group t-shirts and willy paraphernalia, but I think I would rather enjoy an un-hen party. See where I’m going with this?

My thoughts have been deeply provoked at this stage and I’m thinking about all the un parties or occasions I should arrange just for the hell of it. Or events I can attend and dress up for. A fabulous gown to the opera, perhaps?

Obviously I would not formulate this particular scenario…

We should not have to wait for reasons to take chances or risks in what we wear. I probably won’t go to any other festival this year, but screw it, I’ll be donning festival chic the weekend of Longitude. Apart from you, dear readers, who would know the difference?

The Soulful: https://www.facebook.com/TheSoulfulChoir?fref=ts

Mother: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mother-Club/154500271254263

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