Two Shoes Good

Post by T.M.

Have you ever walked past a bargain because you weren’t entirely sure about it (even though it’s a BARGAIN for God’s sake) only to return to find it gone when you’ve finally made up your mind? Well that recently did not happen to me!

There are two shops named ‘Siopaella’ in Temple Bar, one of which I walk past frequently but seldom enter because I am afraid that the sure-to-be-in-there bargains will lure me into spending my rent and bill money.


Last week it was raining so I popped inside and lo and behold, I spotted a pair of gems that were my size, hardly worn and only €29 – how could I resist? Well, I don’t know how I did it but I did, in fact, resist. I put those Ted Baker shoes down. Good for you I hear you say!

Thinking that would be the last I saw of them I put them to the back of my mind until Sunday, when I had arrived back from Body & Soul. There was one half of the pair, blatant as anything in the shop window, just sitting there, enticing me. So I jumped in, spent some time walking around in them and snapped them up.


The Lucky Pair

So that’s the story. The moral (c’mon, this is a style blog, we can call it a moral!) is that if you see a bargain pick it up or all day long – you will be kicking yourself.

By the way, if you ever happen by one of the Siopaellas, drop in. According to their website they are  ‘Ireland’s innovative new swap boutique[s] and consignment store[s] featuring brand new and gently used clothing and accessories.’ They have loads of gorgeous items just waiting to be picked up by a worthy new owner. The layout is so easy to navigate (so no TK Maxx style foraging) and the staff are lovely and helpful. It is possible to find something gem-like, like I did, an investment piece if you will – that’s what I always convince myself it is – every time you visit the store. Happy shopping!

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