I Love a Gal in Uniform

Post by C.M.

Despite my love of dressing up; stomping around in my mother’s stilettos, sellotaping hula-hoops under wide skirts to create a Victorian era look, using a pair of tights to simulate long Rapunzel hair, a myriad of other perfectly reasonable costume innovations; as a small child I secretly loved my school uniform. It was brown. It was a pinafore. It was inventively accompanied by a brown v-neck jumper, brown knee socks and a brown tie. The only splash of colour was a shirt in a mind-bogglingly ill-advised yellowish/salmon hue. But still I appreciated the value of waking up on Monday morning, groggy and cranky, and not having to decide what to wear.

These days I usually choose my clothing for the following day the evening before, not because I’m a control-freak (as such), but because I seriously value that extra half-an-hour of contented snooze button pressing. Knowing I’m not going to have to search high and low for a pair of socks or a piece of jewelry when I finally roll out of bed at the very last possible minute actually helps me sleep at night.
There are however those days when it’s impossible to arrange the next day’s outfit – you know the ones, a late night after unexpected after-work drinks is usually the culprit, and that then is when The Uniform comes in. The fail safe, go to, always ready to throw on ensemble that suits multiple occasions.
UniformObviously it would be back to modeling school for me, but I wasn’t let in in the first place for some reason*. 
My current Uniform consists of my beloved print pants, a blue blouse and cream heels. It can be dressed up or down with jewelry, a belt or jacket can help to add interest; it’s just really a handy ensemble. It’s a variation on my last one, which swapped the print pants for a burgundy pair – the West Ham kit colours, as was pointed out to me two wears too late . But that’s the difference between this uniform and an enforced number – it can evolve along with your own taste. The only consistent thing is that it’s there, ready and waiting when it’s needed.
Your Uniform doesn’t even have to be a whole outfit – a friend of mine in college swore by her black “going-out-pants” and another relied heavily on a lucky polka dot dress (alright that was me again – I still have it in case of emergencies!). But still, changing up a few things like hair or cardigan or whatever can help  in avoiding looking like you’ve only been out and about once in the last 3 months when someone happens to be browsing through your Facebook pictures.
Aer Lingus
Have a look at these ladies (and gent). Couldn’t you take them anywhere? 
* Sunglasses €1.50, Shirt €12, Shoes €15 – all Penneys (I’ve only just realized that). Pants €6 H&M. Necklace is from a market stall I think. It’s old.

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