Faux Pas/Faux Yeah! – That is the question

Post by T.M.

I laughed out loud when I discovered a Facebook page dedicated to what the administrator thought was the abomination of footwear – the kitten heel. The page was composed mainly of photo galleries of girls’ legs wearing the unfortunate shoe.

I discovered it a few years ago and since then attitudes towards the offending heel have changed (for the time being.) When paired with the right outfit – and leg – this type of shoe can look quite fetching.

If I were to create my own Facebook page of footwear disasters, I would have to focus on ballet flats combined with socks. I can’t count the number of times I have seen women ruin a perfectly nice outfit by adding a thick black sock with their nice flat. Sure, it warms the foot but why not wear a shoe that covers, like a brogue (which should only be worn with a thin sock when wearing pants by the way) or boots?

This does not look cool

I do of course acknowledge that there are exceptions to the rule but it all depends on the styling. Which brings me to my next bugbear … socks and sandals.

How many of you shuddered when I paired those words? A shiver certainly went down my spine when I typed them into Google,

This confusion must have led to the recent trend in wearing socks with sandals. I must say that like socks and flats, this look can only be successful when styled correctly and unfortunately even then not everyone can pull it off.

This looks good

This does not.

I have never tried to do it myself. I think I would end up looking like Helena Bonham Carter when she brings her kids to school.

Note: I love HBC but her school-run look is just not appropriate for a non-celebrity office worker, living in Dublin who …em…doesn’t have any kids. 

I have also seen ‘normal’ people try this out with varying degrees of success. They mostly looked pretentious and try-hard and it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) those who managed to pull it off were those with confidence and moxy.

Maybe I’ll get C.M to style for me a socks and sandals look, and as soon as I am primped and primed and haircutted and tanned and professionally made up I’ll give it a go!

Hell, at that stage maybe I’ll even try rainbow socks and ballet flats.

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