Pearl(s) Jam

Post by T.M.

TM and CM are two lucky mice! This day two weeks ago we were traipsing around the streets of Venice and now we are preparing for a long weekend away to Edinburgh to join a bunch of our (human) friends.

I popped into Pennys yesterday on my way home from work to buy some essentials for the trip (and it was payday…) and what did I find but a nice ‘leather’ jacket. I have been looking for one for ages that was cheap but didn’t look too cheap. It’s a dark petrol blue colour and is the item I needed to complete my summer look which revolves around the 90s grunge scene.

I have to say, my style has always been a bit grungy and I’m happy that the high street shops are selling items that can help me update my long-standing Seattle inspired wardrobe (I can’t continue to wear my 15 year old grandfather shirt forever!)

CM beat me to snapping up the grey version of Pennys’ loose cotton dresses (she stole my style!) but I think she does a fine job of putting a modern twist on the 90s look.


Gwyneth Paltrow and her BFF Beyonce had some high school pics ‘leaked’ earlier this week, and while I bet that Gwynny was a bit of a mean girl at school (I’m not a Mrs. Martin hater by the way, I just know her type) you must admit she had cool girl attitude.


My new favourite band Haim are also flying the flag for modern grunge. Their sound is pretty 80s – I love it! – but they have that nice unkempt look that’s a welcome juxtaposition to the other female artists their age out there now, willing their young fans to dress inappropriately sexily and forcing them to have perfect hair and make-up all the time – I’m looking at you Selena Gomez (what? Did you think I was going to say Rhianna?)


If only we didn’t have to cover our summer grunge style with heavy coats. Sigh. 

I’m looking forward to looking slightly rough and ready this summer (suddenly I’m regretting buying a new GHD today) but remember, modern grunge is nicer than grunge grunge. It’s cool to wear pearls with your leather and to wear heels with your ripped jeans – although beware, this is a particularly hard look to pull off.

As previously mentioned, TM and CM are gone fishing again this weekend, but a new post will appear in due course. Keep up to date with us on Twitter! In the meantime, watch this movie:


A short study on how young people functioned in the days before civilisation as we know it.

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