Hand me Up! Hand-me-Down!

Post by C.M.

Hey, you know when you’re around three years old, and you’re given your cousin’s old tracksuit, and you don’t want to wear it – not because it’s a hand-me-down, but because you don’t quite understand the concept, and you’re afraid said cousin will want said tracksuit back? Because you recognize the tracksuit from your cousin sporting it and you couldn’t possibly think it could be intended for little old you? Because the cousin’s a boy cousin? And you are a girl.

Not actual tracksuit ( – I wish!). Mine was green and blue and had “SUPER” emblazoned on the front.
No? Well, I’m sure I’m not alone in a little cross-dressing in my youth, and that tracksuit got a lot of wear whilst falling off tricycles and climbing hedges. Good, (read: new) clothes were saved for public view and special occasions! Why throw out a perfectly good jumper or cardi when it can be given a few more years use? Actually that tracksuit got a third life when our little brother came along (there was a real boy in the family now, luckily for me).
Kim Kardashian has recently gone on record saying there’s no way her brat-to-be will be donning Mason or Penelope’s cast-offs (they are the brat’s cousins-to-be for the 1 or 2 percent of you not au fait with the klassy kin). What a begrudger of basic human tradition; that’s what cool older cousins are for!
Does a not-so-blonde Angelica spring to anyone else’s mind when imagining the Kimye Kreation?
These days don’t necessarily have to be so different from those when that ubiquitous annual parcel from America would arrive with last year’s LA Gears and Bartman t-shirt in it. As if I don’t hoard enough, whenever my friends are clearing out their wardrobes (like the other norms out there) they give me first refusal before handing them over to VdeP. I’ve scored jeans, bags, tops – one friend’s sloppy seconds is another’s first date dress!
A great way of updating your wardrobe without spending a cent is to hold a swap night – (trusted) friends come over with their haul of no-longer-wanted stuff and you can snap up that super cute sweater with the kittens on it you’ve had your eye on. Bring wine! Also loads of crisps! It’s fun! And thrifty!
Of course TM and I are extra lucky being twins, with the same dress size and similar dress sense. I currently have cunning custody of her winter wardrobe – she having naively assumed that May = summer in Ireland, having been in a country with proper seasons last year –  and left them at the family homestead for me to dive in to. Silly Town Mouse. I’m getting lots of compliments on your pea coat!
Anyway, check out these babies I picked up second-hand; my current favorite pair of leopard print shoes. See how I put them on this old chopped wood to make them look practically brand new in comparison? When you use the tricks of the trade any tattered old t-shirt, bobbly jumper or block-kitten-heeled shoe can be revived and revered! They may not be “SUPER” but they’ll keep my street-cred intact if I ever fall off my trike, er, bike.

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