Written and Worn

Post by T.M.
The Dublin Writer’s Festival ended yesterday. Because of a number of unforeseen circumstances I couldn’t attend any of the events that I had wanted to but the festival got me thinking about literature and its style connection.
Aside from books about fashion (I read a great one on Coco Chanel recently, by Justine Picardie) fashion and novels do not exactly go hand in hand (correct me if I’m wrong). That’s not to say they are completely unrelated either.
Dan Brown appeared in the National Concert Hall (NCH) this time last week to an (almost ) packed audience. I read an interview with him in the Sunday Times the day before and saw his picture for the first time.  Did you know he attempted to launch a singing career in the same ilk as Barry Manilow? His photos do not make this hard to believe.
He’s a true writer – look at his black polo neck!
Caitlin Moran spoke to a (completely)  packed audience in the NCH a few days later. She’s one of those “marmite” people. But like or hate her, you have to admit that she is unafraid to take sartorial risks.
CM would approve of her prints clash
Zadie Smith is a writer I greatly admire, not just for her writing (I’m currently in the middle of NW but my favourite remains White Teeth – so far – and her collection of essays is also wonderful) but also for her utter coolness. She is a woman who is talented, beautiful and stylish, but I don’t seem to hate her.
Hey Zadie, I have the same glasses – can we be friends?
Maybe I’m wrong and loads of writers make an effort with their style – or hire a stylist to help them if they have an important event. Or maybe they follow Mr. Brown’s lead and stick with the tried and tested polo look. It doesn’t really matter, but when I publish my first masterpiece, I’ll be wearing Chanel.

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