Reward to Finder

Post by T.M.

“I’ve never been so annoyed in my life!” is what I say every time I can’t find an item of clothing that I was banking on to finalise an outfit. I often reach this stage of annoyance when looking for my black H&M mini skirt that basically has the same texture as the opaques in my tights mountain that lives beside my skirt and pants pile (but more about the state of my wardrobe another time.) In fact, sorry H&M but your black ‘basic’ mini skirts quite resemble a pair of tight’s gusset.

Despite this fact, I have been wearing this particular skirt at least twice weekly so obviously when it doesn’t appear when I want it to – well – anyone in my vicinity had just better not say something stupid like “why don’t you just wear that flippy black skirt that looks practically the same but not tight?” It’s not the same and the whole outfit just WOULDN’T WORK without the H&M one! Humph.

This weekend I made the trek back to the home county to the home house, to see my family and friends of course, but also to transfer my winter wear that I couldn’t possibly wear during the summer months … (I returned to Dublin with almost everything I had brought home – after careful consideration)…Anyway, on the journey there I was hoping and willing and crossing my fingers that a t-shirt that has been MIA for a number of months would somehow show up in either my home wardrobe or CM’s.

NOTE: The benefit of having a sister with the same measurements as you is that we can potentially have quite an amazing double wardrobe (when powers combine!) The pitfalls include arriving home to find the other one clad head to toe in clothes you had admittedly forgotten about that you now want to reclaim but would feel a bit mean in doing so.

This t-shirt was a good one – a black-grey colour with the eponymous Pink Floyd prism and it fit just right, not too baggy, not too tight – and would have gone with EVERYTHING I could  possibly wear this summer, I’m sure of it. At this stage I think it’s gone forever, maybe left in a hotel room. Why is it that whenever you lose an item of clothing it is always something that you really liked? Mr TM lost a brilliant “vintage” Jurassic Park t-shirt last year that everyone loved (seriously, everyone who saw it loved it). This weekend we spoke about it like it was a dead pet. I hope my Pink Floyd t-shirt will be spoken about like that someday.

I lost a pair of Doc Martin boots a few years ago. I got them when I was 12, inspired the book Rosie’s Quest – anyone remember that? – and had the same shoe size as I do now (5 in case you are interested. I’m not a Yahoo). At the time they went missing I didn’t really care, but now they are in style again and I want them back. I do so hate having to buy replacements for stuff I once had.

 It kind of looked like this, sigh.

I am by no means a hoarder (anymore) but I went through a purge last September, an autumn clean if you will, and now I regret it somewhat. I keep on thinking of all the clothes I once had that would be perfectly matched with things I have now. I only have myself to blame but at least someone shopping in the St. VdeP shop might have picked up something nice. But losing clothes is a whole different story. What if someone is using my Pink Floyd t-shirt as a rag to clean the windows of Jury’s? What if some nouveau punk gurrier kicked a can with my beloved 12-holes? I shudder to think.

Everyone has such sad stories of clothes loss. Why not share yours? We welcome all comments!

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