Prints Charming

Post by C.M.

It happened quite casually at first. A mix here, a match there, nothing special. You’d hardly notice it. It was mostly accessories or shoes, maybe a prettily patterned bag, nothing too attention seeking, too daring. Then I saw my leopard print pumps stink-eying a floral skirt so I put them together to work things out. Lo! They were never happier. Never happier, that is, until I gently prodded a black and white striped top in their direction. Voila – quite the contented menage a trois, they’ve never since looked back.

Prints, you see. They are everywhere this season so now is the time to embrace them if you’ve ever felt the urge. Wear a pair of graphic print pants with a more sedate shirt perhaps (I got a pair last time I was in Dublin for €6 in the sale. Why isn’t there a H&M in Galway? There’re only so many times a girl can exclaim “Penney’s Best!”). If you experience a little trepidation why not pair a simple ensemble of jeans and white t-shirt with an interesting bag and some complimentary shoes? Floral short suits are everywhere – perfect for a summer wedding. If you aren’t a 23 year old gazelle they’re a bit tricky to pull of, but go for it if you think you can work it!

Behold Solange Knowles and friends. This gang will show you in no uncertain terms that big, bold prints are the way forward (or small ones; exactly matching or clashing perfectly; in bright colours or muted – there’s no excuse not to find a combo that will work for you!).

Poor Beyonce, having to be the amazing and super cool Solange’s boring older sister.


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