Onwards, Westwards by The Depravations

Post by C.M. 

So, as I was saying! It was a great night to be in Galway last Thursday. The sun was shining, the atmosphere was summery, there was a mini-festival in honour of the launch of The Depravations’ album in that most Galway of Galway pubs Arus na Gael. I even ordered a drink in my rusty Irish!

From a fashion point of view I was on to a winner of course – music types always look just fabulous!

Megan, proudly holding her new Depravation’s album, and sporting a cut-out dress from River Island and boots from Dunnes

Who was playing on the night? First up were My Fellow Sponges, a tight 3 piece, accompanied by a further 3 talented musicians. They have a really unique sound – a sort of fusion folk – you’ll get a good idea of who they are by checking out their quirky video This Dream Song on youtube.

Adding to the mix were Fellow Strangers, another three piece who play numerous instruments including the mouth piano (look it up, you’re sure to have had one as a kid, and it serves as a surprising addition to the ensemble!) They mix lovely harmonies in a folk/indie melange.

A more rock feel came from The Follower’s of Otis, who will also be launching an album in the coming months. They’ve been together since 2008, and it shows, complimenting each other completely and playing with the professionalism as any seasoned group.

Farran McDonald from Rural Savage entertained us with his witty, comic and inventive songs and Oh Boland, a really impressive band playing a curious yet highly effective combination of 60s doo-wop, garage and psychodelic rock got the crowd turned as the night rolled on to the finale. Rivers and Crows, a female duo playing haunting, melodic music on the fiddle and guitar rounded off the highly varied, hugely accomplished and pretty much bloody brilliant support acts.

Then there was the main event. The Depravations’ line-up has revolved significantly since they first formed in 2007, but their current members are David Boland, Otis Liddy, Eoghan McGinley, Hob Junker and Mosey Byrne. Somewhat genre-defying, the band can only be described as pop, rock, folk, indie, California surf…  Something for everyone and critically acclaimed, the main thing is they’re genuinely fantastic and you should buy their album now! It’s called Onwards, Westwards and if you’re in Galway it can be purchased at Bell, Book and Candle, otherwise check them out online!

The Depravations – Onwards, Westwards. Out Now!
Click the pic and like magic you’ll be transported to a dreamland of folksy/surfy loveliness.

All the bands mentioned are on facebook, with samples of their music and details of upcoming gigs. I wholeheartedly encourage you to have a quick look-see!

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