Feeling Horizontal

Post by T.M

I got thinking about stripes today, mainly because I was wearing some. In fact, without physically going into my wardrobe and pulling out the selected items I would say I have about 20 stripy pieces of clothing and I wear them frequently.
Wearing my black and white striped top today however, made me more aware that I am not the only one for whom stripes is a wardrobe essential. No. not at all – every second person (it seemed) had on stripes of horizontal or vertical of all widths and lengths. I can’t deny it. Stripes do look good on almost every one, and they have been in style for season after season recently, but it did start to look – and I’m loathe to admit it – a bit boring.

A staple item should by no means be abandoned just because everyone is wearing that particular pattern. Instead, it should be personalised or jazzed up. Should you wish to wear your typical nautical inspired outfit of jeans and Breton top, as I did today, I would suggest simply adding a statement necklace that instantly updates the look. Alternatively, swap your plain denim for colour. It may be obvious, but look around – not as many people are doing it as you may think!
Obviously the stripes themselves should not be restricted to black or navy or red – I bought a skirt recently in neon orange and grey. The jury is still out…


Diane Kruger has the right idea. A style icon to many (most?) her look is unique and fresh and, well, inspirational. I want those yellow shoes!

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