The Perils of Being Unkempt

Post by T.M

Something terrible happened at work today – we were informed that staff photos were going to be taken and given only FIVE MINUTES notice to prepare. Granted, the majority of staff member are men who all happened to conveniently be wearing suits that day – and who really don’t need to put in much more effort than that. I, however, was a different story.

I had skulked into the office yesterday donning one of my go-to work outfits – black mini skirt (H&M, basics, stretchy) jacket (tuxedo style from Next) and a floaty pale blue top and flats from good old Penneys. Not actually that bad. The problem was the face – and hair. My make-up had slid off due to the mist that I was submerged in for two-thirds of my commute and having had a hair colouring disaster last week that I can’t afford to fix until next Tuesday, I haven’t been bothering to tame my mane into submission. Cue low bun and un-straightened escaped side-bits of varying length and texture.

The photo-taking lasted all of 2 minutes. The duration of my humiliation is yet to be determined. Forgive, therefore, the fact that I cannot provide a totally accurate image, but I’m pretty sure I looked something like this:

His day was almost as bad as mine!

I’m sure I’m not to only to be caught off guard not looking my best, any stories out there that can top this one?

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