The Look of Luas

Post by T.M.

For 30 minutes a day I am confined to a roving tin can. As you may expect at 8.15 in the morning (and 5.45 pm) typical Luas users are workers in their smart-casual uniforms and a smattering of kids dressed for school (or kids dressed for mitching – but that’s another story). Unfortunately, so far so not stylish.

You can, therefore, understand my delight when a rare pop of fashion prowess reveals itself, thus you can appreciate my magpie like eyeing of the girl with The Shoes. Black and gold oxford style beauties, a genre of shoe I have never had the inking to buy, that is, until, I spied The Shoes.

Damn my Murphy’s Law affliction of never having a camera on my person when I need it most, so I cannot attach an accurate pic (although I positively trawled the net to find a replica pair). Instead, imagine the shoes in these pics combined into one pair…




Put them together and you kind of get the idea! The Shoes are so much better though!

I just love when office workers take little risks with their uniform and I adore seeing glints of inspiration. Those simple oxfords jazzed up by a dazzling gold flake effect utterly transform an otherwise dull outfit. My own office wear tends to be boring but next time I go shopping to update my work wardrobe I will doubtless think of the shoes and choose my items accordingly.

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