Brand New Blog – Where to Start?

Post by Country Mouse (C.M.)

Workout Gear!

I have just arrived back from the big smoke after a fun weekend with Town Mouse, and to clear the cobwebs on Saturday morning we decided to go for a bracing walk around her neighbourhood. And my, was I impressed with the other stylish exercisers in our midst?! I surveyed my own gear – black Penney’s cotton leggings, holey old string vest, ancient hoody – the only concession to style I had were my new-ish trainers, purchased because my old ones, were – well – very, very old. Town Mouse had made more of an effort with proper running leggings, albeit paired with a band t-shirt and uni sweatshirt. But these ladies were properly, professionally, decked out! Now, I know this kind of dedication to fitness isn’t confined to Dublin; I pass plenty of people with at least a Nike sweatband or Adidas socks, but surely you’d be better off spending your money on lovely things to show off your hard-earned toned figure, rather than sweating all over your expensive Stella McCartney gym clothes. Thoughts?..

…Or do you even really care? Remember that episode of Sex and the City, when Miranda is chatted up in the gym by a hot man, while wearing a grey old man t-shirt and navy cotton tracksuit bottoms? Maybe in these cases it’s better not to worry about how you look in the present when what you’re doing is solely for you, to be healthier and fitter in the future…

Image: Stella McCartney for Adidas

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